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I’ve met a number of fabulous people who I have written about over the years.  Your goodness has become my inspiration.  Thank you for the stories, the memories and for being as awesome as you all are.

Please note:  This list is by NO means flawless.  If I’ve written about you on my blog and you don’t see your name or if I’ve written about you more than what is listed, please e-mail me to let me know what I’m missing and I’m happy to add.  I apologize in advance for any oversight as I linked this list all by hand.


Azuzenna Aguayo

Rev. Carol Anderson

Neville Anderson


Andrea, 2nd encounter


Maya Angelou, 1st encounter

Maya Angelou, 2nd encounter

Anna, April and the Folsom “Running Girls”

Alec Baldwin

Bob Barker, 1st encounter

Bob Barker, 2nd encounter

Lauren Barrett, 1st encounter

Lauren Barrett, 2nd encounter

Bill and Juliet Bender

Davin Bergquist

Big Bird, Elmo, Maria and the Sesame Street Crew

Gigi Breland, 1st encounter

Gigi Breland, 2nd encounter

Gigi Breland, 3rd encounter

Gigi Breland, 4th encounter

Gigi Breland, 5th encounter

Gigi Breland, 6th encounter

Gigi Breland, 7th encounter

Gigi Breland, 8th encounter

Gigi Breland, 9th encounter

Gigi Breland, 10th encounter

Gigi Breland, 11th encounter

Gigi Breland, 12th encounter

Gigi Breland, 13th encounter

Jeffery Brick

Garth Brooks

Brownie Boy

Lolly and Tom Burgin

Rob Burley, 1st encounter

Rob Burley, 2nd encounter

Rob Burley, 3rd encounter

Rob Burley, 4th encounter

Sandra Burley, 1st encounter

Sandra Burley, 2nd encounter

Sandra Burley, 3rd encounter

Sandra Burley, 4th encounter

Sandra Burley, 5th encounter

Sandra Burley, 6th encounter

Sandra Burley, 7th encounter

Sandra Burley, 8th encounter

April Burns

Marylou Bushyager, 1st encounter

Marylou Bushyager, 2nd encounter

Marylou Bushyager, 3rd encounter

Marylou Bushyager, 4th encounter

Marylou Bushyager, 5th encounter

Dr. Ken Canfield, 1st encounter

Dr. Ken Canfield, 2nd encounter


James Carroll

Pete Carroll

Bull Chaney

Julia Harmon-Chavez, 1st encounter

Julia Harmon-Chavez, 2nd encounter

Julia Harmon-Chavez, 3rd encounter

Children of Incarcerated Parents


Brenda Chroniak, 1st encounter

Brenda Chroniak, 2nd encounter


Chuck Clump


Dr. Phyllis Cohen

Jonathan Conon

Kimberly Conon, 1st encounter

Kimberly Conon, 2nd encounter

Kimberly Conon, 3rd encounter

Kimberly Conon, 4th encounter

Kimberly Conon, 5th encounter

Kimberly Conon, 6th encounter

Kimberly Conon, 7th encounter

Kimberly Conon, 8th encounter

Kimberly Conon, 9th encounter

Kimberly Conon, 10th encounter

Kimberly Conon, 11th encounter

Kimberly Conon, 12th encounter

Conon Family, 13th encounter

Sharon Content, 1st encounter

Sharon Content, 2nd encounter

Donna Costanzo, 1st encounter

Donna Costanzo, 2nd encounter

Donna Costanzo, 3rd encounter

Donna Costanzo, 4th encounter

Donna Costanzo, 5th encounter

Donna Costanzo, 6th encounter

Donna Costanzo, 7th encounter

Donna Costanzo, 8th encounter

Donna Costanzo, 9th encounter

Donna Costanzo, 10th encounter

Donna Costanzo, 11th encounter

Donna Costanzo, 12th encounter

Donna Costanzo, 13th encounter

Helen Costanzo, 1st encounter

Helen Costanzo, 2nd encounter

Helen Costanzo, 3rd encounter

Helen Costanzo, 4th encounter

Helen Costanzo, 5th encounter

Helen Costanzo, 6th encounter

Helen Costanzo, 7th encounter

Helen Costanzo, 8th encounter

Helen Costanzo, 9th encounter

Helen Costanzo, 10th encounter

Helen Costanzo, 11th encounter

Helen Costanzo, 12th encounter

Jenee Costanzo, 1st encounter 

Jenee Costanzo, 2nd encounter

Jenee Costanzo, 3rd encounter

Joseph Costanzo, Jr, 1st encounter

Joseph Costanzo, Jr, 2nd encounter

Joseph Costanzo, Jr., 3rd encounter

Joseph Costanzo, Jr., 4th encounter

Joseph Costanzo, Jr., 5th encounter

Joseph Costanzo, Jr., 6th encounter

Joseph Costanzo, Jr., 7th encounter

Joseph Costanzo, Jr., 8th encounter

Joseph Costanzo, Jr., 9th encounter

Joseph Costanzo, Jr., 10th encounter

Joseph Costanzo, Jr., 11th encounter

Joseph Costanzo, Jr., 12th encounter

Joseph Costanzo, Jr., 13th encounter

Joseph Costanzo, Jr., 14th encounter

Joseph Costanzo, Jr., 15th encounter

Joseph Costanzo, Jr., 16th encounter

Joseph Costanzo Sr., 1st encounter

Joseph Costanzo, Sr., 2nd encounter

Kelly Costanzo, 1st encounter

Kelly Costanzo, 2nd encounter

Kelly Costanzo, 3rd encounter

Kelly Costanzo, 4th encounter

Kelly Costanzo, 5th encounter

Kelly Costanzo, 6th encounter

Kelly Costanzo, 7th encounter

Kelly Costanzo, 8th encounter

Kelly Costanzo, 9th encounter

Kelly Costanzo, 10th encounter

Kelly Costanzo, 11th encounter

Kelly Costanzo, 12th encounter

Kelly Costanzo, 13th encounter

Kelly Costanzo, 14th encounter

Kelly Costanzo, 15th encounter

Kelly Costanzo, 16th encounter

Anthony Argirakis

Kathy Culpepper

Dawn Davison, 1st encounter

Dawn Davison, 2nd encounter

Eric Debode


Ruth Dines

Ter Dines

Ter, Shelby and Naomi Dines

Jennifer Doyle, 1st encounter

Jennifer Doyle, 2nd encounter

Jennifer Doyle, 3rd encounter

Jennifer Doyle, 4th encounter

Caitlin Durham 

Rebecca and Steve Dutka

Jessica Field, 1st encounter

Jessica Field, 2nd encounter

Jessica Field, 3rd encounter

Jessica Field, 4th encounter

Jessica Field, 5th encounter

Jessica Field, 6th encounter

Jessica Field, 7th encounter

Tesa Fitzgerald, 1st encounter

Tesa Fitzgerald, 2nd encounter

Tesa Fitzgerald, 3rd encounter

Jeff Foxworth, 1st encounter

Jeff Foxworth, 2nd encounter

Kelly Garrison

Jorge Manly Gil

The Golden Voice

Frank Gonzalez and the Bus Company


Theresa Harpin, 1st encounter

Theresa Harpin, 2nd encounter

Theresa Harpin, 3rd encounter

Theresa Harpin, 4th encounter

Rev. John Hartnett

Michael Hebler, 1st encounter

Michael Hebler, 2nd encounter

Maureen Herman

The Homer Family


Eddie Howe

Brittany Hulings, 1st encounter 

Brittany Hulings, 2nd encounter

Diane Hulings, 1st encounter

Diane Hulings, 2nd encounter

Diane Hulings, 3rd encounter

Diane Hulings, 4th encounter

Suzanne Jabro, 1st encounter

Suzanne Jabro, 2nd encounter

Suzanne Jabro, 3rd encounter

Suzanne Jabro, 4th encounter

Suzanne Jabro, 5th encounter

Suzanne Jabro, 6th encounter

Suzanne Jabro, 7th encounter

Suzanne Jabro, 8th encounter

Suzanne Jabro, 9th encounter

Suzanne Jabro, 10th encounter

Suzanne Jabro, 11th encounter

Suzanne Jabro, 12th encounter

Suzanne Jabro, 13th encounter

Amber and Ed Jackson

Kristen Jackson

Bruce Jenner



Steve Kaplan

Kelly Kester-Smith

Sonia Parras Konrad

Kristen, Jorge and Jorge, Jr.

Stefanie Kratter

Arnold and Barbara Kraus, 1st encounter

Arnold and Barbara Kraus, 2nd encounter

Rebecca Kraus, 1st encounter

Rebecca Kraus, 2nd encounter

Cece Lane, 1st encounter

Cece Lane, 2nd encounter

Stacie Wilson-Lorusso

Gennisse LaRue, 1st encounter

Gennisse LaRue, 2nd encounter

Gennisse LaRue, 3rd encounter

Gregory LaRue

David Lee, 1st encounter

David Lee, 2nd encounter

David Lee, 3rd encounter

Michelle Lin, 1st encounter

Michelle Lin, 2nd encounter

Yali Lincroft, 1st encounter

Lisa and Yolanda

Allison Nicholas

Jessica Marquez-Nicholas, 1st encounter

Jessica Marquez-Nicholas, 2nd encounter

Jessica Marquez-Nicholas, 3rd encounter

Robert Martinez, 1st encounter

Robert Martinez, 2nd encounter

Mary and Samantha

Kelly McCombs

Chris McMurry


Billy Moon

Kevin C. Neece

Dr. Nejat, 1st encounter

Dr. Nejat, 2nd encounter

Ed Norton

Mr. Oliver


Alice Palmer

Frank Palmer, 1st encounter

Frank Palmer, 2nd encounter

Frank Palmer and Brittany Soto

Helena Palmer

Joe Palmer, 1st encounter

Joe Palmer, 2nd encounter

Joe Palmer, 3rd encounter

Joe Palmer, 4th encounter

Joe Palmer, 5th encounter

Joe Palmer, 6th encounter

Joe Palmer, 7th encounter

Joe Palmer, 8th encounter

Joe Palmer, 9th encounter

Joe Palmer, 10th encounter

Joe Palmer, 11th encounter

Joe Palmer, 12th encounter

Joe Palmer, 13th encounter

Joe Palmer, 14th encounter

Joe Palmer, 15th encounter

Joe Palmer, 16th encounter

Joe Palmer, 17th encounter

Joe Palmer, 18th encounter

Joe Palmer, 19th encounter

Joe Palmer, 20th encounter

Joe Palmer, 21st encounter

Joe Palmer, 22nd encounter

Joe Palmer, 23rd encounter

Joe Palmer, 24th encounter

Joe Palmer, 25th encounter

Joe Palmer, 26th encounter

Joe Palmer, 27th encounter

Joe Palmer, 28th encounter

Lance Palmer

Maya Palmer, 1st encounter

Maya Palmer, 2nd encounter

Maya Palmer, 3rd encounter

Tom and Alice Palmer, 1st encounter

Tom and Alice Palmer, 2nd encounter

Tom and Alice Palmer, 3rd encounter

Tom and Alice Palmer, 4th encounter

Tom and Alice Palmer, 5th encounter

Tom and Erin Palmer, 1st encounter

Tom and Erin Palmer, 2nd encounter

Tom and Erin Palmer, 3rd encounter

Tom and Erin Palmer, 4th encounter

Peg and Bones

Dr. Pema

Abbey Perri

Dave Perritano, 1st encounter

Dave Perritano, 2nd encounter

Dave Perritano, 3rd encounter


Matt Peters

Matt and Lindsay Peters


Karen Plante, 1st encounter

Karen Plante, 2nd encounter

Karen Plante, 3rd encounter

Karen Plante, 4th encounter

Karen Plante, 5th encounter

Karen Plante, 6th encounter

Karen Plante, 7th encounter

Karen Plante, 8th encounter

Deacon Gary and Jeannie Poole


Project What

Amanda Raymond

Tara Regan

Nabil Riaz, 1st encounter

Nabil Riaz, 2nd encounter

Nabil Riaz, 3rd encounter

Nabil Riaz, 4th encounter

Nabil Riaz, 5th encounter


David Rigo, 1st encounter

David Rigo, 2nd encounter

David Rigo, 3rd encounter

David Rigo, 4th encounter

David Rigo, 5th encounter

Tommy “T Top” Rivers

Luis Rodriguez

Cecilia Saco, 1st encounter

Brenda “B” Salley, 1st encounter 

Brenda “B” Salley, 2nd encounter

Rosie Sanchez

Dr. Carrie Schwartz, 1st encounter

Dr. Carrie Schwartz, 2nd encounter

Mr. Schlamm

Big Ship

Nicole Sirote

Shawn Smith

Soup E. Doup

Sly Stallone, 1st encounter

Sly Stallone, 2nd encounter

Stella, 1st encounter

Stella, 2nd encounter

Stella, 3rd encounter

Stella, 4th encounter

Stella, 5th encounter

Stella, 6th encounter

Marty Steinman

Isabelle Stransky

Phillip Stransky

Dr. William Sultan


Deborah Tabola

Leanne Tanizawa, 1st encounter

Leanne Tanizawa, 2nd encounter

Leanne Tanizawa, 3rd encounter

Leanne Tanizawa, 4th encounter

Leanne Tanizawa, 5th encounter

Leanne Tanizawa, 6th encounter

Leanne Tanizawa, 7th encounter

Leanne Tanizawa, 8th encounter

Leanne Tanizawa, 9th encounter

Leanne Tanizawa, 10th encounter

Leanne Tanizawa, 11th encounter

Leanne Tanizawa, 12th encounter

Leanne Tanizawa, 13th encounter

Leanne Tanizawa, 14th encounter


Lisa Tener, 1st encounter

Lisa Tener, 2nd encounter

Jodi Thompson, 1st encounter

Jodi Thompson, 2nd encounter

Jodi Thompson, 3rd encounter

Jodi Thompson, 4th encounter

Jodi Thompson, 5th encounter

Jodi Thompson, 6th encounter

Jodi Thompson, 7th encounter

Derek Thorn, Emily Ekle and Holly, the dog

Scott Thorshov, 1st encounter

Tina and Anna

The Turner Family

Shira, Ian and Lena Ulmer

Shira Ulmer

Jan Urban

Pasquele Vericella, 1st encounter

Pasquele Vericella, 2nd encounter


Claire Williams, 1st encounter

Claire Williams, 2nd encounter

Marlene Williams

Guillermo Willie

Semora Wilson

Shirley Wilson, 1st encounter

Shirley Wilson, 2nd encounter

Shirley Wilson, 3rd encounter

Shirley Wilson, 4th encounter

Shirley Wilson, 5th encounter

Shirley Wilson, 6th encounter

Shirley Wilson, 7th encounter

Shirley Wilson, 8th encounter

Shirley Wilson, 9th encounter

Shirley Wilson, 10th encounter
















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